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EV Fleet Management


We are Here to Revolutionize the EV Fleet Management

We understand that every company's operational needs are unique. That's why our charging management software is tailored to align seamlessly with your specific operational schedules, technological infrastructure and other needs. By analyzing and integrating these critical parameters, Powea offers the perfect charging plan that enhances operational efficiency and maximize benefits. Trust Powea to not only understand the intricacies of your business operations but to also deliver a charging solution that is as dynamic and reliable as your fleet. Charge your fleet more efficiently with Powea !

Set Your Operational Schedule and Automatize All Charging Operations

  • Control and monitorize all charging operations easily

  • Assign charging profiles that most suitable for your needs

  • User friendly interface

  • Tracking energy usage, optimized charging schedules, cost savings, and CO2 emission reductions

  • OCPP Complient

  • Plan your fleet's charging schedule automatically

  • Advanced reporting services

  • Real time alert center

  • Reduce administrative burden with fully automated charging

  • Enhance efficiency and minimize downtime

  • Scalable solution for growing fleets

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Reduce Charging Costs up to 40%

At Powea, we reduce your EV fleet's charging costs by analyzing your operational schedule, charging need and energy exchange rates for determining the most cost-effective times to charge. Our smart software adapts to varying electricity tariffs, ensuring your fleet charges when energy is economical. This approach optimizes energy use and can reduce your charging costs by up to 40%. Powea's innovative solution is suitable for any energy exchange system, making us your ideal partner for efficient and economical fleet management.

More Sustainable Operations

Reach your CO2 Reduction Goals

Net Zero

Reducing the carbon emissions of EV fleets is the primary goal of Powea. Our advanced CO2 algorithm helps companies cut their carbon emissions by up to 30%. As global regulations on CO2 emissions become increasingly stringent, businesses should prioritize reducing their carbon footprint to stay compliant. By 2030, the carbon emission trading market is expected to grow significantly, making it crucial for companies to reduce CO2 emissions and benefit from potential carbon credits. With Powea, you can ensure your business is prepared for these regulatory changes, leading the way in sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Reduce Grid Infrastructure Costs up to %35

Powea's algorithms prevent overloading on local grids by utilizing dynamic, static and schedule based load balancing algorithms. Our load balance algorithms schedules and adjusts charging sessions in real-time based on current grid conditions. This dual approach maintains grid local integrity, prevents overload, and ensures efficient energy distribution. Powea's load balancing algorithms safeguarding the stability of local power networks while considering your operational efficiency.

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