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Automatize all charging schedules and let Powea create the best charging profiles for you. Do not think about how to plan hundreds of electric cars anymore.

Plan Your Fleet's Charging Schedule

Powea helps you improve your energy supply chain and charge the cars during the cheapest hours, reducing your energy costs.

Save Up To 40% From Electricity Costs

Track your real-time carbon footprint instead of using average emission factors. Charge at the greenest hours and reduce your carbon emissions by up to 30%.

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions 

Powea controls all your devices to prevent overloading and lets you set up more chargers with the same infrastructure. Use more chargers simultaneously with smart charging.

Reduce Your Initial Investment Costs Up to 35%

Fleet Management Dashboard

  • Charging Automation

  • Cost Management

  • Charging Session Management

  • Alerts and Notifications

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting

  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Energy Consumption Tracking

  • CO2 Emission Savings

  • Charger Diagnostics

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